Sherbourne Common — Function meets Form!

If you’re ever in the Queen’s Quay and Sherbourne area, you totally have to go over and check out Sherbourne Common!

Created as part of the Waterfront Revitalization, it’s a very cool park that spans both sides of Queen’s Quay from the lake right up to Lakeshore Boulevard. What’s so unique about it is that it houses 3 beautiful sculptures that not only provide a stunning visual aesthetic in the area but they’re also a key part of the water filtration system for the neighbourhood! The way it works is storm water is collected and filtered beneath the park’s pavilion, after which the cleaned water is then released through the sculptures into an “urban river” and carried back out to Lake Ontario.

The park also has 2 play areas for kids and kids-at-heart: one with swings, spinning saucers and low see-saws; the other a large splash pad for those hot summer days.

So if you are ever in the area, Sherbourne Common is definitely worth a visit!

Sculptures at Sherbourne Common

“Light Showers” sculptures

Play Area in Sherbourne Common

Play Area (using sustainable ground materials that are soft underfoot and water permeable)

Splash Pad at Sherbourne Common

Splash Pad at Sherbourne Common

Front Side of Pavillion at Sherbourne Common

Pavilion (water treatment facility is beneath it)

Urban River carrying the treated storm water out to Lake Ontario

Urban River carrying the treated storm water out to Lake Ontario

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