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Ai Weiwei - Rooster Head

Rooster Head —2013 Ai Weiwei Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads exhibit in Nathan Phillip’s Square


I love living in the city.

I love that there is an event or festival going on pretty much every day of the week.

I love the diversity of architecture, shops, cuisine and character that’s waiting to be explored across all of Toronto’s different neighbourhoods.

I created this site as a way to connect with those who share the same passion for living in the city that I do. These are some of the events and scenes across the city that are capturing my attention each week…What about you? What are you loving about Toronto?!

Talk to me! I would love to hear from you! Here’s how we can connect:

  1. Through comments on any of the posts in the site
  2. Through Twitter (@ilovemycityTO) or Facebook (i love my city toronto)  OR
  3. Through email [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you!



Carole Wiseman
Helping Clients Across Toronto Love Where They Live 
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